Yamagata Koubou Co., Ltd.

  • Artisan works made in a certified “No.1” factory of competition Kendama in Japan. All are Japanese handmade products for professional use.
  • Japanese traditional culture “Kendama” spreads all over the world!
(Introduction of Kendama in the Expo Milan 2015)
  • Dedicated to manufacturing of official Kendamas for over 40 years Since 1973


Introduction to Yamagata Koubou Kendama App

The app offers basic instructions to how to play Kendama and the tricks for “Kendama-do ‘Kyu’ - ‘Dan’ license exams”.
It also provides information about Kendama schools, competitions and events held all over Japan.
The app is operated to let more people know about the Japanese traditional culture “Kendama”.
Download the app to learn and play Kendama together!